Well, we are just having more fun than a barrel of monkeys. 

We've only been in Southern California for 48 hours, and I've already done or seen the following:

  • Walked down Rodeo Drive, confirming, once and for all, my affection for the clearance rack at Old Navy.
  • Watched from the 12th row as Beckham actually bended it like….well, you know.
  • Watched my husband have way too much fun navigating the LA freeways while alternately humming the CHiPs theme song and reciting, "THIS IS A.C. AND I HAVE O.J. IN THE CAR."
  • Saw the former homes of Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable and Gene Kelly.
  • Thought many thankful thoughts about the cost of real estate and gasoline in Oklahoma.
  • Watched my sons body surf in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Saw a store which, according to a sign in its window, sells underpants for squirrels. 
  • Put my hands in Julie Andrews' handprints at the Walk Of Fame.
  • Drove past a lights-flashing, guns-pulled arrest scene…twice.
  • Felt an earthquake.  Okay, not really; it was actually just the air conditioner coming on.  But for a second there, it was dicey.
  • Saw the actual Hotel California, and there was not, in fact, plenty of room. (It's kind of crowded here.)
  • Sat on a boardwalk and ate frozen, chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick while my children downed some salt-water taffy (and realized that most of our best family vacation memories seem to involve dessert).
  • Got stuck in a traffic jam on a nine-lane freeway behind a lavendar suburban.
  • Drove past a packed Sunday-morning crowd at the Fellowship Of Self-Actualization.

In other words, we're not in Oklahoma anymore.  But we're having a ball.

41 thoughts on “Vacating

  1. Holly @ Crownlaiddown says:

    I love you more for this: “Put my hands in Julie Andrews’ handprints at the Walk Of Fame” and even more for this: “most of our best family vacation memories seem to involve dessert.”
    If you come back though Colorado Springs, I live about 7 minutes from Compassion…and would love to see you!!

  2. Jenn P. says:

    I lived in LA for 27 of the first 30 years of my life and I don’t think I managed to pack that much in! Glad you’re having a good time.

  3. Kari says:

    Ah, wave to my brother as you guys go by. He’s living out there. I recognize the description of most of what you are saying. Hehehe.

  4. Jo@Mylestones says:

    From the looks of this list, you have most definitely captured the essence of southern California in a few short days. The 9-lane traffic jam, sitting behind a lavender suburban? Priceless. And a big reason we moved away after college!

  5. Melissa says:

    Ahhh yep, sounds like LA. I’m glad you’re having a blast.
    I know what you mean about the earthquakes. I felt 3 earthquakes in LA, 2 tiny ones and a medium one. For the next month or so, every time a neighbor would walk upstairs or anything shook the floor, I’d jump up.
    Your post allllmost makes me miss LA. Until I get to the traffic part!

  6. christine says:

    My boys LOVE the idea of underpants for squirrels! I think this has raised the bar for family vacations. How old are your boys and how do they do in the car? What do you do to keep them behaving?

  7. Kathy C. says:

    Wow! You certainly have packed a lot in in 48 hours! It sounds like you are having quite a fun adventure and I’m totally all over that frozen, chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick – OH YUM!

  8. Christine says:

    It’s fun to see this state (which I’m rather sick of and looking for any opportunity to flee) through the eys of an outsider.

  9. Christine says:

    or eyes anyway. Nothing like noticing an error in the split second between hitting post and it actually posting.

  10. Jane says:

    “Fellowship of Self Actualization” hee, hee, I guess I forgot to mention that LA is a place where people come to start their own religions. And, no there have been no earthquakes! Glad you are having fun!

  11. Heather says:

    I have lived here in SoCAl my whole like. Dana Point/ San Juan Capistrano actually. You should visit our harbor here. and yes, we have a wonderful mission. Please don’t miss In-N-Out. you will never be the same. Try the animal style fries. You have to ask for them . Not on the menu. Local secret. YUM!

  12. Dandy says:

    Welcome to LA!
    I tried to google Fellowship of Self-Actualization as there is one by my owrk in LA… and I got your blog 🙂
    I second the In-N-Out. I prefer the double double animal style, regular fries. I have no idea why my pants feel too tight.

  13. mckay says:

    lol i’m also appalled at the lack of manners at sporting events. i’m always telling my son that it’s very rude to boo and it’s okay to clap for the other team when they have a great moment. momma loves manners!

  14. mckay says:

    you might not have time built into your trip, but consider spending an hour or two on Balboa Island (MUST get an original balboa bar at DAD’s on mainstreet) in Newport Beach. it’s one of my favorite places and i’ve lived in socal my whole life.

  15. km says:

    When it’s an earthquake…you’ll know. Hope you’re enjoying yourselves. I know it’s been HOT in OK this year, so you’ll feel at home here this week.

  16. Ruth says:

    Since I live in the LA area, I second going to In and Out for lunch, but don’t forget The Grove for movie star watching and a nice Apple computer store, Farmers Market, etc. I suggest a complete walking tour of downtown LA starting with a train or subway ride into Union Station. A guide book is useful. Check out Orange County for the nature related beach stuff, a science museum, etc. Maybe skip the San Fernando Valley and Riverside County, since I spend a ton of time there and it is just too hot right now for the few things you might want to see and do, IMHO. Have fun!

  17. Susanne Dickinson says:

    I lived in So. Cal. for over 30 years and swore I would never live anywhere else. That was before Hubs was transferred to New Mexico a year ago. I have griped and complained for that year about all the things we don’t have here in Las Cruces: things like Trader Joe’s, Costco, Macy’s, In-n-Out, the beach, etc., etc.
    Well, we just got back from spending 5 days in Orange County, and New Mexico never looked so good. I was ready to come home by day 3… I forgot the other things we don’t have here: TRAFFIC, crowds, people who say things like, “My son loves staying at a hotel because he gets to swim in a pool. We live on the beach, so normally he can only swim in the ocean. This is a real treat for him!” or, “It’s been two weeks since my last mani-pedi. My nails are just a MESS!” or all the radio ads for plastic surgery.
    Las Cruces is all rainbows and unicorns for me now! I’ve learned to love Flyover Country!

  18. Miche says:

    How fun!! I think anything that might cause a little floor movement would have me ducking for a doorway or bathtub! I think those are the safest spots to be, but not sure why they are.
    I would agree that some of my fondest memories involve good food-dessert being the best 🙂 lol. Have a blast!

  19. Marla Taviano says:

    No way, Shannon!! We’re in St. Louis on our way back from CA!! We were in San Diego from Wed-Sat (SD Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Sea World) and LA on Sunday! (LA Zoo) We probably drove right by you!! 😉
    It’s a looooong drive from Ohio. 🙂

  20. Kelly says:

    I guess its living vicariously through who I read, but I love hearing about y’all blogger ladies’ trips and seeing your photos. Those grand canyon’s were awesome. Can you tell I’m southern?

  21. Shannon says:

    Mom, we went on Big Thunder Mountain THREE times, actu-ally! Two rides would not be enough to fulfill the Void of Awesomeness’ expectations I always reffered to!
    PS-Just so you know. If your 12 year old son, who takes about 5 minutes to find the “Q” on the keyboard, can get into your typepad account, you might want to find a way to secure your blog a bit better

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