Leftover Pixie Dust (Or Maybe That’s Just Sand In My Hair)

Tonight is our last night in California.  I am pleased to report we are nestled safely in a San Diego hotel room and we are not, in fact, trapped in the bottom of the San Andreas Fault.  (You know what's funny?  The whole time we've been here, when I've chatted with store clerks or people on the bus, and the fact that I'm from Oklahoma enters the conversation, they all say the same thing: "OKLAHOMA?  Oh, do you get lots of tornadoes?  I could NEVER live in Oklahoma!"  I feel strangely vindicated to know that my irrational fear of natural disasters may be universal after all.)

It has been such a remarkable trip–one of our best, I'd say.  In addition to all the fascinating things we saw on our first couple of days, we've now added Disneyland to the list.  We felt like my daughter would love it; at four and a half, she's old enough to articulate her enjoyment, but young enough to believe in all the magic she would see at the park.  At least, I hoped she was, and our first meeting with Princess Ariel put any of my doubts to rest.  Corrie grabbed both Ariel's hands and, eyes wide and sympathetic, she said, "I SAW your SHOW with the {dramatic pause} SEA WITCH."  And that sweet Ariel just jumped right in and talked all about it with my girl, assuring her that yes, Ursula was very scary, but she's doing better now. 

My boys rode every roller coaster in both parks, some of them without us, because I prefer to avoid barfing on my vacations, thank you very much.  Everyone found at least one ridiculously-overpriced very sentimental souvenir to take home.  We did the two parks in two (very full) days.  It was probably enough, though I suspect we could've gone on longer.  We all agreed that we'd see what we could, and not worry about the rest.  It kept expectations realistic(-ish).  We missed Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan's Flight, but the guys did Thunder Mountain Railroad twice.  Corrie and I rode King Arthur's Merry-Go-Round (or, as Corrie calls it, the "miracle round") a whopping FIVE times.  The family favorite was Soarin', just as it was when we did Disney World a few years ago.  It's a can't-miss attraction.

On our last night in LA, we stood at the base of Sleeping Beauty's castle for the incomparable Disney fireworks show.  To the utter joy of my daughter we got to see Tinkerbell fly in and light the castle.  It was jaw-dropping.  And Corrie, being my animated little chatter-bug, felt the need to call play-by-play game analysis of the whole thing:  "LOOK! SHE'S COMING IN!  I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE'S REALLY FLYING.  HOW IS SHE FLYING?  MOMMA, IS THAT REAL?  I THINK IT'S REAL.  OH, LOOK, SHE'S FLYING AWAY.  WHERE IS SHE GOING, MOMMA?  I THINK SHE PROBABLY HAD TO GO GET MORE PIXIE DUST."  Her thrills over the whole thing filled my heart up so full, I still feel a little glowy.

So we ended up here, in San Diego, where we've spent a couple of quiet days.  There's tons to do here, but we've mostly been lying low.  We visited the seal habitat at La Jolla Cove, and then we did a little of this:


We walked the shops and restaurants of Seaport Village (positively charming!), and then we did this:


We drove around downtown and saw the colorful happenings at ComicCon.  We had a good laugh, and then I did this:


It's a hard job, but I tried to do it well.

Tomorrow we head home, and I'd appreciate your prayers for safe and peaceful travel.  Because you know what's between California and Oklahoma?  It's a whole lot of FLAT.  Just flat, flat, flat.   Which is great for driving, but not so great for the cheerfulness factor of four children who would like to look at something other than all the FLAT.  Perhaps I should prepare a two-hour lecture on the socio-economic history of the American prairie?  I'm sure that would cheer them right up.

See you in a bit….

34 thoughts on “Leftover Pixie Dust (Or Maybe That’s Just Sand In My Hair)

  1. janmary says:

    Have a safe flat journey home 🙂
    It is lovely to see the magic of Disney through your kids eyes. When my eldest was 8 she burst into tears after the fireworks at the castle because she was just so happy!

  2. Melissa says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you had a great time! I’m glad you made it down to San Diego, and the pictures of the beaches are making me nostalgic for home. Isn’t that Tinkerbell cool? I imagine at 4 it would have been mind-boggling.

  3. Linda Sue says:

    good to know family vacations are not all National Lampoon movies (although Christmas Vacation will forever be one of my favorites!) Sounds like y’all did just enough but not so much everyone melted down into unhappy puddles – perfect balance. When I was a child – we had to make many many LONG road trips in the very areas of which you speak – wishing you well on that part! thanks for sharing your vacation – all the fun without the gas bills or earthquake issues (I went to college in CA and experienced a 7.1 – NOT FUN!) I’ll take my chances with tornadoes thankeweberrymuch

  4. Joy says:

    Glad you had a wonderful time in my neck of the woods. Hope you have enjoyed the heat. But if you have been hanging out at the beach you have gotten a break from the extreme heat. Have a safe and uneventful ride home. These are memories that your children will not soon forget.

  5. Ginny says:

    Glad you added San Diego to your trip. There really is no place quite so pretty. Especially here in Southern California. Have a safe trip home.

  6. km says:

    Depending on your route, you can look for scenery you saw in the movie Cars. It’s fun to see if you can pick out backgrounds and structures.

  7. Melanie says:

    What fun! That’s the perfect age for Disney. We had tea with Sleeping Beauty. Mine was the only girl in the BELLE dress. Sleeping Beauty didn’t miss a beat and said,”Oh, Belle is one of my best friends!”
    Have a safe trip home. I’d suggest those car bingo cards but there really isn’t much to see on all the flat. :>)

  8. nikki says:

    Ah, I’m a No. Calif. native and you got me all verklempt for a trip down south….
    Sounds like an AMAZING time!
    I keep praying it’s in the budget for NEXT year….my daughter will be 4 then as well 😀

  9. Jen says:

    I love your daughter’s Tinkerbell chatter! We took our daughter to Disneyland for the first time this spring, at just over 4 1/2. She saw the cables holding Tinkerbell up over the fireworks, but told us they were just to keep her safe in case she got hit by fireworks – in no way did they indicate in any way that Tinkerbell wasn’t real! 🙂

  10. Lainie@ Mishmash Maggie says:

    Ah, it makes me smile to know you’re in my old stomping ground! Maybe you guys can do the Zoo next time 🙂
    My Nana is actually there right now (she’s down for The Rock’s women’s retreat).
    Praying for a safe trip and a quick and painless “re-entry” to life at home.
    Your daughter is too cute… I hope you document the trip well so she doesn’t forget it any time soon.

  11. shannon says:

    Im sad to hear that you didnt ride pirates!!! It’s probably one of the best rides in the park. Youll have to ride it the next time you visit!!

  12. Michele says:

    I think the natural disasters is just a better the enemy you know kind of thing. My husband and I both grew up in California, so we understand earthquakes. Tornadoes and having warning in order to be terrified that much longer? Scares the crap out of us. We like our terror to be a surprise apparently.

  13. Wendy says:

    We are going to Disney World next year with our kiddos, as the are young enough to still have that wonder! I just had to say I love the “miracle round”, what an adorable phrase that you’ll remember her whole life. 🙂 Glad you had a great trip.

  14. A Maui Blog says:

    Praying for your safe trip while following your tweets 🙂 Love reading this post. I remember our our kids were just so fascinated by lots of things on Disneyland – it’s truly a magical experience for them and us 🙂

  15. laura @ peacoat says:

    i’m so glad you enjoyed your time in southern california! i’m an oklahoma girl that lives in los angeles now, and obviously, there are a million differences between the two.
    i miss both whenever i’m “home” in the other one.

  16. Sarah says:

    that looks like awesome fun…
    play the guess who game…try to guess who the person is with yes/no only answers…
    the first one to guess wins, this makes the time fly by!

  17. Marla Taviano says:

    WE WERE AT LA JOLLA LAST WEEK!! That is just so bizarre to me. 🙂 And we drove through Oklahoma on our way back home (well, to KS and MO, then home). Saw nary a tornado!
    I’ll let you know when I post pics!

  18. Kacie says:

    Hah! The story of your daughter and Ariel made me laugh. I’ve said that I wouldn’t take my kids until they are old enough to remember, but you’re right, at that point some of the magic will be gone.

  19. Saucy Momma says:

    We really were crossing paths last week in So Cal. We loved our time at Disney with the four Littles and the beach was just what the proverbial doctor ordered. Loved following your tweets and I’m glad you are back home safe and sound.

  20. Marjie says:

    I’m so glad that the weather cooperated while you have been out here (did you bring the heat with you?) 🙂 I live in North San Diego County and just love reading what people say about our little corner of the world – and yes, I do believe that everyone has their own natural disaster fears about areas they don’t live in. Enjoy the rest of your stay in America’s Finest City!

  21. Carlee says:

    I have lived in CA my whole life (except one semester of college, in southern Illinois when I decided I never wanted to live anywhere but so. cal–unless God calls me there–and it had nothing to do with the 2 tornado watches we had that semester) and have had season passes to D-Land more than once. I had no idea it was King Arthur’s Merry Go Round. We just called it the carousel. Oh the details we miss when things are familiar. Glad you enjoyed our sunny state!

  22. Amy @ Living Locurto says:

    I’d rather be in a tornado than an earthquake anytime!
    What a wonderful trip. Sounds like your daughter had a blast at Disney!! Makes me want to go so bad. I love CA. I learned to surf at La Jolla. I think I was meant to be a CA girl and not an OK girl. My granddad’s family piled into a car in the early 1920’s and was headed to California from Arkansas. Well, they made it as far as Oklahoma, then decided they were tired of traveling… so see, I was really meant to be from CA. ha!
    Glad you made it home safely and had so much fun. Now you need a vacation to recoup from that vacation:-)

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