Oh, the Sleeves! The Sleeves!

This post was originally published in August 2007.

My parents recently moved to our city, and in the process they cleaned out their attic.  They determined that since I am now a grown-up, it was time I kept up with my own high school keepsakes.

Like, whatEVer.

It’s been a hoot going through it all–if you’re all very nice and well-behaved, I might even print some excerpts from my senior-year diary.  Because, oh my word, I don’t know who that girl was, but she wasn’t from this planet.

The best keepsakes have been my big stash of formals and majorette uniforms.  I swear, they all still smell faintly of Final Net.  I’m not sure why I insisted my mom keep them.  I think I honestly expected that my future life would be so sophisticated that I would be
in dire need of a great stash of formalwear.

First up is my prom formal from 11th grade.  Can we all just pause for a moment of silence at the memory of my waist actually being this size?  If I pulled this on today, it wouldn’t get up past my knees:


Next was my 9th-grade majorette uniform.  That flesh-colored elastic strap was on my uniform only, not the other girls’, thanks to my adolescent prayers in which I begged God for anything resembling a bosom.  I wept many tears over that elastic strap:


Next was a dress I wore in the Miss Mayberry High School pageant, in which I was a runner-up not once, not twice, but a whopping three times.  Could you just die over the square rhinestone belt buckle?


This was my senior prom dress.  Now, let me just tell you that this dress was the creme de la crème of my high school experience.  My mom and I shopped and shopped for this most perfect garment in which to end my high school career.  From the looks of all the chiffon ruffles, clearly I went out with a bang:


Here, you have to see the back.  I clearly remember thinking that it was so beautiful, I might wear it again for my wedding.  Can you imagine?


But wait, there’s more!

This was my majorette uniform in 12th grade.  Now that I look at it, don’t those gold things kind of look like hands?  Kind of creepy:


Sleeves8_2 Last is the set of pompons the majorettes used my junior year.  Yes, majorettes with pompons.  There was a horrible uproar between the Mayberry High School majorettes and cheerleaders over this issue–horrible,
let me tell you.  Oh, there were dirty looks and snide comments and
nasty notes.   The very foundations of the earth trembled.

Really, wasn’t high school such a fine preparation for the serious issues we would face later in life?

Thus concludes my little fashion jaunt down memory lane.  Thanks for coming along.  I have to go now, because I’m feeling the strangest urge to go tease my bangs.

21 thoughts on “Oh, the Sleeves! The Sleeves!

  1. Rhonda says:

    Bless your heart! I so fully feel your pain… well not really pain b/c these things make us smile while we cringe… maybe tickle… no that seems creepy, very creepy… All I know is that I graduated in ’84 and let me tell ya… oh the Wham! striped jeans… I am just waiting for those to make a come-back.
    Love it!

  2. Maureen says:

    Love it! The prom dress is… breathtaking. I myself have a box full of overly-sequined teenage regalia – biding its time in my mom’s closet – until the glorious day when I can get them out, and, in all seriousness, suggest that my daughter save some money and resurrect the look for her first Homecoming dance.
    – Maureen – I argue with Darce.

  3. Lorilee says:

    Love the memories! Mine are still somewhere in my childhood home! I do have my drill team boots in my sewing room. I remember loving to try on my Mom’s old formals when I was a young girl!

  4. Bonnie says:

    I totally had to hit Wikipedia and look up “majorette”..lol. I had no idea what it was. Maybe Canadian highschools don’t have them? We didn’t but I live in hickville…somewhat..more like big city in wide open field.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lynn says:

    Thank you so much for that much needed laugh break!!! Don’t you just love high school fashion. The pom-pom story almost had me in tears. And that strap…that damned elastic strap. Feeling your pain!!!

  6. AmberStar says:

    Thank you for that sweet trip down memory lane just as I was getting ready for bed. My daughters must have taken all of their “gear” with them at some point. I have no idea where all the formals and fancy clothes went. I was just glad it was over for a while. I’d hoped for a grandaughter, but we have a grandson instead. My guess is he won’t have much to leave at home for his mom to keep up with. Oh my gosh…I just thought…it might all be over in my mother and father in law’s upstair’s closet. *L*
    Anyway…my husband’s 50th high school reunion will be in October some time. I was a mere size 8 at the 30th, but not this time and I’m not seeing anything getting smaller on me….so take me as I am. We have dinner with a bunch of them once a month…at a hamburger place. I’m sure they have put 20 pounds on my rear! It could not have been me that ate that much.

  7. Dawn W says:

    Your pink dress? I had one just like it in sea foam green. That’s right… sea foam green. Not mint green. Not lime green. Not even pale green. Sea. Foam. Green.
    Jealous? (Thought so!) LOL

  8. Lisa says:

    The Prom Dress reminds me of Sarah Ferguson [Prince Andrew’s ex] wedding dress–big bow! I had a similar experience with my junk, er, a , “keepsakes” when my Mom moved. It was fun, but Wow was it easy to toss some stuff!

  9. Gardenia says:

    oh my. I don’t think I’ve posted before. this post brought me out of lurkdom. it brought back such memories of *my* high school days too. thank you so much for sharing. it jogged my own memory and I laughed the whole way through your post. But, i do wonder if your high school days may have been before the dates listed in the above comments. the final net comment gives you away. If not, sorry — no insult intended. I’m from the final net days when the plastic bottle was cone shaped and white. 🙂 clue clue.

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