But I’m Still Waiting For “National Fold Your Own Dang Laundry Day”

This blog puts me on the receiving end of so many curious PR pitches that if I were to print them all out, I would single-handedly kill all the forests in Brazil, or Oregon, or wherever it is all the forests are. It's many, many emails.

But the ones that pique my interest most are the declaration of new national holidays. Today I learned, for example, that October is National [Food-Item-Which-Shall-Remain Unnamed] Month. The irony is, the Food Item Which Shall Remain Unnamed is a food item that I loathe with such fervor that I'd rather go chew on the soccer cleats that are stinking up my laundry room even as we speak.

But now it has a month, all its own.

Well, not all its own, because I did a little poking around on some PR sites today and learned that October is also National Chili Month, National Sarcastics Month (whatever), National Orthodontics Health Month (if I tell my orthodontist I posted about it, do you think I can skip my October payment?), and National German-American heritage month (I raise my schupfnudel to you).

It is also Squirrel Awareness month. That one just needed a paragraph of its own, and I suggest you sit here and think squirrely thoughts for a minute before you continue reading, because it is very, very important that we are all properly Squirrel Aware.

I know it's a PR ploy, of course, and I suppose at times it's been successful. Some of the causes are important and have become meaningful traditions–Breast Cancer Awareness and Black History Month both come to mind.

But on the whole, I have to wonder: does this ploy really work? Do we really need a National Rice Month (September)? I mean, are there really throngs of people who rise up in celebration and finally see, for the first time….um, rice? We most certainly do not need a National Southern Belles Month (April), because if you have ever met a true Southern belle, you know that she will not be confined to one month, no ma'am, nevah evah.

I find it especially curious planning that March hosts National Eye Donor Month right alongside Workplace Eye Health and Safety Month. Interestingly, March also is home to National Optimism Month, which means, I presume, that after those 30 days you can go back to grouchy.

I laughed at these things all afternoon, until my 6th grader burst in the door after school. "MOM!" he shouted. "Tomorrow is National Talk Like a Pirate Day! I've been waiting for it all week!"

So I guess it works after all, at least in the 12-and-under crowd. I don't know what to say. Except, perhaps, Aaaargh.

56 thoughts on “But I’m Still Waiting For “National Fold Your Own Dang Laundry Day”

  1. Christi says:

    Since we recently had a beloved neighborhood squirrel lose it’s life due to the evil electric poles, I think that a month of honoring squirrels is fitting. (sniff. sniff.) The poor squirrel was electrocuted!
    Ok, truth is the stupid squirrel was jumping around on the power lines and somehow made us lose power – and yes the squirrel did die. The guy from the electric company saw a cat carrying off a crispy squirrel and figured that is the reason we lost power.
    BTW now I am curious about the food that shall not be named. I may have to find out what it is.

  2. se7en says:

    hahaha… We post a calendar post every monday (This Week at Se7en) of all the funny holidays coming up – my kids totally love it!!! Did you know that today is national (USA) play – do, just for example!!! and they have been plotting and planning all week just how many batches I should be making!!!
    Have a great buccaneering weekend!

  3. Steph. says:

    That pirate one–now that’s a KEEPER!
    I’m wondering if the Squirrel one could be the reason why they KEEP playing the Phineas and Ferb episode with “Squirrels in my Pants” over and over. (OK, I admit it. I still laugh at that song every time. HA!)

  4. Shannon says:

    My daughter is a junior in high school and she and her friend worked all afternoon yesterday decorating shirts for “talk like a pirate day”. They wore them to school today and they are just as cute as can be. I love it!

  5. Shannon says:

    Also, for those of you who do facebook….go to the bottom of the page where it says English (US) and click it. You can change your language to English (Pirate). It’s great fun!

  6. Katie says:

    March is National Optimism Month – that explains EVERYTHING! (Everything being, why I’m so dang optimistic to the point that I’m made fun of – I was born in March!)

  7. Harmony says:

    My boys have been looking forward to International Talk Like A Pirate Day for months! How they found out about it, I don’t know, but my husband is into it too. Not sure boys ever grow up!

  8. Tara says:

    I find all the fun days appealing, especially considering last Saturday was chocolate milkshake day (yummy!) and Oct 30 is Go Buy a Donut Day (not to be confused with National Donut Day which is June 4, I think. These are days I can get behind!

  9. CorrieHowe says:

    I didn’t know I could only be aware of my squirrels during one month. Frankly, I like to be aware of them and admire them on a yearly basis.
    Are you all as bad as me and missed Grandparents Day this year (and previous years)? I don’t know what my parents and in-laws think of their ungrateful grandchildren.

  10. prasti says:

    might i also add that the saturday before labor day is international bacon day (i hope the food you loathe is not bacon 🙂 ). sadly, we did not have bacon that day.

  11. JC says:

    Well, I’m not surprised to hear that October is Squirrel Awareness month because one of the little punks is already in town for the festivities and in my backyard. He is unearthing all of my potted plants, scattering dirt all over creation and leaving the roots exposed to the air and pitiful. I have put out some snacks of chili powder and moth balls to welcome him to the neighborhood. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to have to insist he go to another hotel. Via trap. I’m serious.

  12. Becky says:

    My friend has sent emails counting down to Talk like a pirate day. I keep pulling for more then one Mother’s day and maybe have it in the middle of the week so Dad’s can really understand what a normal week day is like.

  13. Carol says:

    September is Adopt a Shelter Animal Month. A very good cause, especially now when so many animals are being surrendered due to circumstances beyond people’s control.

  14. Jan says:

    Avast ye scallywag! It is *International* Talk Like a Pirate Day.
    The funny thing? You can set your Facebook page to have your language be “Pirate.” Adjust ye riggin’s or abandon ship!
    I think it also bears mentioning that October is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month. I so hope that’s not the food you loathe.

  15. Amy @ Tiny Blessings says:

    I LOVE the crazy holidays and theme days…. they make my job as Activity Coordinator in a nursing home much more fun! 🙂 We’ve celebrated everything from “Pig Appreciation Day” to “National Grump-Out Day”. There’s a fun excuse to celebrate… or wear a silly outfit… every day! 🙂

  16. Kathy Charest says:

    LOLOL – oh my your post did hit a chord with me today! I am totally squirrel aware now (after taking a deep breath and focusing on my neighborhood squirrels and their needs) – thank you! 🙂
    As for National “talk like a pirate day”,…um,..er, well…my “grown-up” best friend Kim (Homesteaders Heart), informed me of that day while we were chatting on the phone (yup, SHE knew about it), LOL – the scary part is that we then turned to speaking to eachother in our best pirate voices (or worst, as I suddenly realized I sounded like an Irish Pirate???).
    Have a Beautiful Squirrelly day my friend!

  17. Sarah (GenMom) says:

    Dude – we need a “fold your own laundry for the rest of your life” YEAR! My family actually thinks I seem to like the job and is amazed when their things aren’t in the right basket or clean on time. I guess I have spoiled them. Time to delegate or I will be a perfect candidate for “sarcastic month” soon.
    I like the squirrel awareness month — goes well with the beginning of hunting season. LOL. (oops, falling into that sarcastic mode again, sorry.)

  18. Beth says:

    Could I possibly be the only one who clicked on the schupfnudel link?? Because…the alternate name and its literal meaning…and the “I raise my schupfnudel”…um. I’m considering showing the Wiki page to my 8 year old to see whether he agrees with my assessment that the Germans are pretty spot-on with the name. Not that I want to traumatize the boy with visions of sauerkraut, even or maybe especially because he’s partly German himself.

  19. Lorie says:

    I would agree, but I have not one but two adult friends that look forward to national talk like a pirate day!
    And if you have a facebook account you can change your language to pirate! Pirates are serious business!

  20. Amy says:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever stopped by here (yes, I know, I live under a rock! But obviously not one of those living in your dryer ;o) ) I clicked on a link from another blog b/c of the title of this post. Fwiw, my husband’s boss had them all pick pirate names on Friday and do the talk like a pirate thing on Friday since they wouldn’t be at work on Sat! Oh my! How far some people will take this! lol
    Amy @ Raising Arrows

  21. maryleigh says:

    Did you know August is National Mom Month? It is in our house! LOL–what a great point. We came up with our own extra holiday,too! I don’t know all the national stuff, but I do know MY family celebration days! Did you know January is National Oyster Month? I just made that up! May is National Pink Lipstick Month! I think somebody should hire me for a job like this!
    What a fun post! Was I having too much fun?

  22. Martha Lowe says:

    After my experience with Psycho Squirrel, Son of Psycho, etal,
    I will pass ALL decendants Psycho 1 to any squirrel person!
    NATIONAL RICE MONTH??? Some of the $$$$ folks get from that
    income helps the future of family and others.
    Must have been a great, fun day for the kids!

  23. Amethyst Moon says:

    This post made me laugh, because I regularly check holidayinsights.com to check on what crazy holiday it is, and then that you brought up Talk like a Pirate Day which I celebrate with fervor every year. Seriously, I really do. I’m in a Krewe of all women pirates in Tampa, so we are very fond of anything piratey. We held a fund raiser for breast cancer this year on (just to clarify) what is actually International Talk Like a Pirate Day. although, i don’t know what makes it International vs. National :0)

  24. Anita Tedaldi says:

    I always get a kick out of all these monthly things to remember/celebrate. One time I wrote a column about military children awareness month (also April) and someone sent me an email asking if I knew who they should contact to get on the ‘monthly causes’ ballot. I wasn’t sure where to direct them though….

  25. Marin says:

    Bizarre… my question is, if it’s “NATIONAL” Whatever-Awareness Day/Month, etc., does that mean congress devoted time to approving it? I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, they did spend an entire session tweaking the wording for their official chastisement of Wilson. Arrgh (for pirates everywhere).

  26. Michelle says:

    My kids fold their own laundry. Mainly they do a piss poor job of shoving their clean clothes into their drawers but I pretend to not notice and move on with my day 🙂
    The PR nonsense is ridiculous!

  27. Condo Blues says:

    I found a use for all of those crazy made up for PR holidays! I developed several e-learning courses on programs with calendars and scheduling functions. I used all of those weird holidays in my examples and quizzes because I couldn’t use religious or country specific holidays (Christmas, 4 of July, etc.) if they decided to sell the course internationally. Need to know how to schedule International Talk Like a Pirate Day on your computer? I can teach you! Ahoy!

  28. MochaWolf says:

    Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrated from September 15-October 15
    Disability Employment Awareness Month
    National Pizza Month
    National Pasta Month
    National Dessert Month
    Country Music Month
    Family History Month
    Hispanic Heritage Month
    National AIDS Awareness Month
    National Book Fair Month
    Gourmet Adventures Month
    National Car Care Month
    National Pretzel Month
    National Pickled Peppers Month
    Vegetarian Awareness Month
    National Seafood Month
    National Cosmetology Month
    National Apple Month
    National Depression Education and Awareness Month
    Polish American Heritage Month
    National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Month
    National Popcorn Poppin’ Month
    Computer Learning Month
    National Stamp Collecting Month
    National Applejack Month
    Cook Book Month
    Gourmet Adventures Month
    Hunger Awareness Month
    National Caramel Month
    National Cookie Month
    National Country Ham Month
    National Health Care Food Service Month
    National Kitchen and Bath Month
    National Pork Month
    National Restaurant Hospitality Month
    National Roller Skating Month
    National Spinach-Lovers’ Month
    National Toilet Tank Repair Month

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