Guatemala Food Crisis :: CNN
Watch this CNN video about Compassion's work in Guatemala: "The relief group works mostly through local churches, capitalizing on existing community networks." (Yes. Well-said.)

Implanted With Wrong Embryo :: MSNBC
This family's response to an unimaginable situation will blow you away. See follow up to story here.

Doing the Best We Can :: Ann Kroeker

No-Sew Halloween Costumes :: Parenting

My Marriage Is a Teenager :: Lifenut

5 Grammar Mistakes That Make You Sound Like a Chimp :: Copy Blogger
via Worthington Wire

Packing Flowers :: HELLO My Name Is Heather

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  1. SimplySara says:

    I am so touched by the Savage family’s story.
    Such a heart breaking situation….they are true examples of what it means to love selflessly.
    May they be richly blessed.

  2. Alanna says:

    That was amazing. The Savages’ situation was such a touching story and so good to see that people do choose life. That sometimes God calls us to situations that literally break our hearts and yet His mercy, His character, and His goodness are so evident in a world denying His existence.

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