Candygram :: Inchmark

Can you name the corporate logos? :: Sporcle

Soothing Poster is a Sign of the Times :: New York Times
I love this poster–a small version of it sits on the windowsill over my kitchen sink.

The Art of the Paragraph :: CopyBlogger

What's for Lunch? Enter the Bento Box :: New York Times
Gorgeous. I'm not willing to wake up early enough to do it, but still, gorgeous.

OneWord ::
Writer's block? Try this.

How To Make a Wall-Mounted Magnet Spice Rack :: the kitchn
Seeing as how I lost 45 minutes of my life searching my cabinets for ginger the other night, I think I should try this.

6 thoughts on “

  1. Heather says:

    I saw that Candygram blog several weeks ago. My daughters gave two friends that as a gift for their birthdays (ages 7 and 11) and the birthday girls loved it! The 7 year old said, amidst tons of other presents from friends, “This is the best present EVER!” :o)

  2. Britney says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. That Sporcle website is a dangerous one! I’ve been taking quizzes for the last couple of hours, and there is no end in site. Thank you for introducing me to my new favorite tool of procrastination.

  3. Ann Voskamp@Holy Experience says:

    (Just to slip back here to say: I think I read that Copyblogger post on the Art of the Paragraph — oh– at least ten times in the last week! Thank you for helping those of us who would like to unmangle our paragraphs.
    You write beautiful ones, Shannon.)
    Grateful for you…. so.

  4. Sarah P says:

    Loved the Copyblogger article! Good stuff. Hope you are doing well! The PCA leadership annual training is coming up in February in Atlanta. Are you thinking about going? I can’t since I went last year but it is always power packed with scripture and inspirational covenant theology. Definitely worth the trip.
    Take Care,

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