Hanging in my laundry room, next to the door that is the traffic center of the universe our house, there hangs a white board for writing notes to each other.

Adam–take lunch money.

Change oil.

Sometimes entire conversations take place.

Hubs u r hot. I like u.

(Babe, so r u.)

(Mom and dad u r gross.)

Occasionally I use the space to write a pithy little quote I've found, one that will, I'm sure, plant gentle seeds of truth and wisdom in the hearts of my children and grow forever and ever, amen. (Do not disdain the use of pithy little quotes as an important
parenting tool. After all, not a single one of us ever jumped off a
cliff when our friend did, nor did we count our chickens before they
were hatched, so there you go.)

I posted this one a few days ago:


The twelve-year-old, (he of the endless eating of protein), had a response:


(Yes, it's changing the subject and it's cheeky, but a boy can get away with a lot when he has the good sense to employ parallel sentence structure.)

43 thoughts on “Cheeky.

  1. Karen says:

    So cute! But you know that one about not jumping off a bridge when your friends do? That totally doesn’t work at my house. My kids jumped off a bridge (into the Buffalo River), and their father followed them.

  2. Lainie says:

    Have your son and my daughter been emailing each other without our knowledge? Bacon is a frequent topic of conversation since she is now, apparently, quite the connoisseur. Her choice? Farmland Organic hormone-free uncured. (Rolling eyes) She will of course eat whatever is purchased but she is taking her bacon cooking/eating to a new level since I had a Demarle party and she learned that she could cook the bacon in the oven and still have it come out crispy while she is cooking her eggs and fried rice (a Filipino thing) on the stove top.
    Oh boy, I must not have used up all my words for today.
    I really liked the pithy saying mainly because it is true…

  3. BlueCastle says:

    I had to look twice – I like the “font” he used to write that. He is very talented, but it’s so true. My oldest is only 9 but all of a sudden, if I’m making Meat for dinner, I’m the greatest person on the planet.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Ha! This post definitely made me smile. You have a very smart boy.
    I love the white board idea, by the way. I think I’d like to do that same thing when our kids are a little older…

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