5:07   The five-year-old climbs into my bed, wraps every one of her limbs around every one of my limbs, and kicks off all the covers.

5:08   I pull the covers back up.

5:11   She kicks them back down.

5:11   I pull them back up, and in a spirit of tenderness (or maybe it was grouchiness, I can't really remember) I suggest she stop it RIGHT NOW.

6:30   The alarm goes off–NPR, on my clock radio. Waking up to NPR basically causes me to move from nighttime sleep straight into a good nap. Probably not a good plan, now that I think of it.

6:41   I get out of bed, stepping on at least four chunks of dried plaster en route to the shower.

6:42   Shower time.

7:15   I head downstairs to find that my 12-year-old son is dressed, fed, clean, and cheerful, and he's sitting at the table reading.  I scratch my head.

7:16   I let out the dog and pour a Diet Coke (for me, not the dog).

7:25   The five-year-old sleepily wanders in. The 12-year-old immediately hops up and offers to fix breakfast for her. I walk over to him, embrace him with both arms, and I gently ask him if aliens invaded his body overnight.

7:32   In wet hair and a bathrobe, I drive my son to the bus stop, while remembering all the times I swore I'd never drive my kids to the bus stop in wet hair and a bathrobe. 

7:34   He makes me belly laugh, no small feat before 9 a.m. I love that boy.

7:40   Back home to find Hubs eating breakfast with our five-year-old daughter, the only member of this family who is chatty and energetic in the morning.  She is debating, aloud, the merits of pigtails versus ponytails.

7:45   Wake up the other boys and fix them breakfast. Think to myself that I don't know who invented Pancakes On a Stick, but I'd like to shake his hand.

7:51   Kiss Hubs goodbye.

7:56   The five-year-old shrieks in horror at a fly that is buzzing around our kitchen table, and she runs to get the water squirt bottle in self defense.

8:03   The eleven-year-old got a new haircut the night before, so I help him figure out the best way to fix it.

8:04   It evolves into a discussion about hair product and proper blow-drying technique.

8:07   It evolves further into a talk about some of the changes your body goes through during puberty.

8:08   I realize I might need some more caffeine.

8:11   The five-year-old has now coated every surface in my kitchen with water, while singing "I'm In the Lord's Army".

8:17   Attack the eight-year-old with a ferocious hug, because when his face is still sleep-puffy, he looks just like my baby, and a hug attack is the only logical response.

8:29   Out the door with the boys and a still-pajama'd girl.

8:38   Pull up to the school. "I-love-you-Be-good-Did-you-get-your-lunch-money?-Don't-forget-to-turn-in-that-yellow-permission-slip-Where's-your-coat?-I'll-see-you-after-school-May-the-Lord-bless-you-and-keep-you-may-He-make-His-face-to-shine-upon-you…."

8:39   Sit and breathe, and listen to my daughter sing a song she is making up about a fairy named Crystal Rainbow who wanted to be on American Idol but then a big fly came up and ate her.

8:40   Realize that I am profoundly blessed. Sleepy, but blessed.

37 thoughts on “A.M.

  1. Ashleigh (Heart and Home) says:

    Can I just say that these are the days I look forward to? I know when I’m actually IN them, I’ll wish for the days I’m in now, when they’re tiny and mix up their words and wear footie pajamas, but I can’t wait for the morning talks, the junior higher who is responsible, for the bustle of a morning routine (or non-routine). In these crazy-cross-eyed toddler and preschooler days, I long to catch a glimpse of the fruit of these early labors. Loved a peek into your morning, friend, even if this mind o’ mine did turn a funny post into something deep.

  2. mundanemomma says:

    So funny, yet true! I attack my kids with hugs in the morning too, but the six-year-old hates it! Too bad, I gave birth to him, so it’s my right, right? And, pancakes on a stick? What the heck is that? Must be something you only get in USA! Sounds kinda cool!

  3. Nic says:

    Sleepy, but blessed. That’s what I was this morning at 2:30 AM when my 3-month old decided it was time to get up and start talking and waving..

  4. se7en says:

    Love your morning!!! So glad we homeschool and I don’t have to drive anywhere underclad!!! Let’s just say at least the school run forces you up and out we can still be lingering in jammies long after breakfast might have been!!!

  5. Diana says:

    Oh, I remember those days! Enjoy them because they fly by before you know it! I have four kids, too, and my baby will be 18 in April…where did the time go?!

  6. Mrs.Mayhem says:

    I can so relate…except my kids need to be at school by 7:45…consider yourself blessed for such a late start! I’m sure the rest of the day continues at such a harried pace, especially homework time.

  7. km says:

    I love this glimpse into a normal morning…my days look strangely similar. I did shed a tear at “the Lord bless you and keep you…” My mom prayed that blessing over me…and now I pray that blessing over my 3.

  8. rrmama says:

    I love this. I send the boys out each morning with a kiss and hug. Tell them I love them, give another kiss and tell them to have a good day and make good choices! Always make good choices.

  9. MamaB says:

    I LOVE this, so sweet!
    I also wake up to NPR and I think that is the best comment. My husband says it makes him go from dreaming to nightmares but I like yours better 🙂

  10. Jassy says:

    You drink Diet soda in the morning!!! Just for that, I will forever love and respect you. You are a woman after my own heart. I’m not a mother, nor a wife (I’m hoping despite appearances) and it’s good to know real moms and wives drink Diet Soda in the morning.

  11. Shannon says:

    I am just now catching this but I absolutely loved it! I was JUST saying to my hubby this morning “I wonder how families with four kids manage to get everyone to their prospective schools in the morning or a couple here or there with a preschooler or baby in tow.”
    I have an eleven and seven year old and was trying to imagine keeping up with more than their school stuff and appointments. I am thinking of fostering again and am just not sure how other people handle it all.
    I guess mornings aren’t my most shining time-coke(read: coffee) or no coke. 🙂

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