Happy Father’s Day

He pushes them to take risks when I'm too afraid.


He tells them how to use a socket wrench, shake a hand, work a compass,
and paddle a canoe.

He helps me be firm when I want to be too easy, and he helps me stay calm when I didn't know I could.

He tells our girl that she's pretty and valuable, and he puts on a suit and tie to take her to dinner.


He mysteriously shows up at the perfect moment with a screwdriver, or duct tape, or an ace bandage, and he knows how to let go of a bike seat at just the right moment.

He handles all the dog poop, tile grout, and algebra.

He coaches and prays and quiets and scolds and laughs and pushes and pulls with a courage and will that is the bedrock to the rest of us.


Happy Father's Day to the far better half of this team–the man who is, in every sense, a miracle.

21 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Ann Voskamp@Holy Experience says:

    Any man who does dog poop…. oh, and the garbage… oh, and those kids-with-growing-pains-who-need-a-hot-bath-in-the-middle-of-the-night… yes, those kind of men… they really do need medals!
    Or maybe…our prayers — respect — love.
    Gracefully, eloquently… you’ve just shown me how. Beautiful!
    Thank you.
    And, Shannon? Any word you choose to tap out in this space?
    I count it pure grace and you always bless and God’s given you a gift. A gift always remains a gift– waiting to be given.
    Thank you for the generous, life-giving, fearless, *brilliant* giving of your gift in this place, Shannon. It is no small matter.
    You are a radiant light on a hill.
    Shine on, sister… shine on!
    Holding you in the highest (happiest!) esteem….
    All’s grace,

  2. Shannon says:

    Love you too, dearie. (And yes, I’ve saved all the Voskamp comments and have threatened to publish them in a book, which would surely be entirely more lovely than anything I’ve ever written. *grin*)

  3. hogphan says:

    Just now getting around to your blog after a few days away. Yes, you have a gift with words but your hubby is a deserving object of your sweet sentiment!

  4. Lenore Buth says:

    Beautiful, Shannon. Your children are growing up blessed. It was a kick reading your words, because I did a Father’s Day post, too, about how dads nudge their kids to go on and try, while we moms would rather our darlings don’t risk. I think kids are blessed by having both.
    I saw that firsthand while our four girls were growing up. My husband and I have been married decades longer than you two, but I still think he’s amazing. Keep remembering that you started as a couple and when your children grow up, you’ll be back to the two of you. We decided early on we wouldn’t let being mom and dad bury being husband and wife. Take it from me, that pays BIG benefits!

  5. Naomi says:

    How awesome! It is such a privilege to have a wonderful husband, and to be able to share your love for him with the world! It blesses my heart to see other women showing off their hubbies :0)

  6. jrmx4@att.net says:

    And buys discontinued lipstick….you are a lucky gal. And your boys have a perfect example of all the things a man should be. Bless you all.

  7. teresa says:

    your father’s day post reminded me of how one of our sil buys his daughters flowers on their birthdays ~ it’s so special. i also remember how our other sil would take his daughter out on dates, such special father/daughter times. and now three of our granddaughters are wed. how quickly these little girls grow-up. thankful their fathers (and mothers) taught them well.

  8. Lisa says:

    I love the name of your blog, we can all relate to rocks in the dryer. I love your slogan and thought of it the other day when we returned home to a cool air conditioned living room and realized the bathroom door was open and of course, the window was even more open. I love the myth busters thing, my husband watches that show too. Last but not least, I LOVE your Father’s Day post! The pictures and the things you wrote were in perfect balance…beautiful. You and your kids are lucky to have such a wonderful man in your life. He is lucky to have a wife that is grateful and appreciates him. Great job!

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