Obama Knows Not To Mess With Lost :: Lost Blog
(Sweet land of liberty, and that's all I have to say about that.)

In the Name Of Awareness :: Why Mommy
(An interesting take on the Facebook "bra meme", from a breast cancer survivor. Via Melanie.)

Mabel :: To Think
(A beautiful tribute, from a blogging-turned-real-life friend of mine.)

Celebration Camp :: Volkswagen
(Soccer moms, get your soccer players to the computer and laugh out loud at this!)

She's Always Standing There :: Shaun Groves


20 Things I Learned In a Week Without My Computer :: Conversion Diary

Whole Chicken In a Crock Pot :: Happy Housewife
One of these days I'll get over my fear of chicken innards and try this.

Brave Affairs :: Holy Experience

Fabric Pinwheels :: Portabellopixie

OneLook Dictionary Search
An interesting tool for writers.

My Parents Were Awesome ::
With all the snark in the blogosphere, I think this idea is a gem. (Don't miss the FoxNews clip on the sidebar.)

How To Backstitch :: Needle In a Haystack (via TipJunkie)
Embroidery really IS this easy–everyone should try it!


Where are they now — Aileen Quinn :: YouTube
If you were a ten-year-old girl in the early '80's, you should know who Aileen Quinn is (Here's a hint: The sun'll come out tomorrow….). She's still a doll.

Big Government Healthcare PSA :: YouTube

Muffin-Tin Monday :: Her Cup Overfloweth
The FAQ page for a really cute blog carnival. Click the link in her sidebar for the posts!

Family Rules Canvas :: The Pleated Poppy
I am crazy about this idea!

Priorities: Things Unseen :: Holy Experience


Guatemala Food Crisis :: CNN
Watch this CNN video about Compassion's work in Guatemala: "The relief group works mostly through local churches, capitalizing on existing community networks." (Yes. Well-said.)

Implanted With Wrong Embryo :: MSNBC
This family's response to an unimaginable situation will blow you away. See follow up to story here.

Doing the Best We Can :: Ann Kroeker

No-Sew Halloween Costumes :: Parenting

My Marriage Is a Teenager :: Lifenut

5 Grammar Mistakes That Make You Sound Like a Chimp :: Copy Blogger
via Worthington Wire

Packing Flowers :: HELLO My Name Is Heather