Obama Knows Not To Mess With Lost :: Lost Blog
(Sweet land of liberty, and that's all I have to say about that.)

In the Name Of Awareness :: Why Mommy
(An interesting take on the Facebook "bra meme", from a breast cancer survivor. Via Melanie.)

Mabel :: To Think
(A beautiful tribute, from a blogging-turned-real-life friend of mine.)

Celebration Camp :: Volkswagen
(Soccer moms, get your soccer players to the computer and laugh out loud at this!)

She's Always Standing There :: Shaun Groves


20 Things I Learned In a Week Without My Computer :: Conversion Diary

Whole Chicken In a Crock Pot :: Happy Housewife
One of these days I'll get over my fear of chicken innards and try this.

Brave Affairs :: Holy Experience

Fabric Pinwheels :: Portabellopixie

OneLook Dictionary Search
An interesting tool for writers.

My Parents Were Awesome ::
With all the snark in the blogosphere, I think this idea is a gem. (Don't miss the FoxNews clip on the sidebar.)

How To Backstitch :: Needle In a Haystack (via TipJunkie)
Embroidery really IS this easy–everyone should try it!


Where are they now — Aileen Quinn :: YouTube
If you were a ten-year-old girl in the early '80's, you should know who Aileen Quinn is (Here's a hint: The sun'll come out tomorrow….). She's still a doll.

Big Government Healthcare PSA :: YouTube

Muffin-Tin Monday :: Her Cup Overfloweth
The FAQ page for a really cute blog carnival. Click the link in her sidebar for the posts!

Family Rules Canvas :: The Pleated Poppy
I am crazy about this idea!

Priorities: Things Unseen :: Holy Experience


Guatemala Food Crisis :: CNN
Watch this CNN video about Compassion's work in Guatemala: "The relief group works mostly through local churches, capitalizing on existing community networks." (Yes. Well-said.)

Implanted With Wrong Embryo :: MSNBC
This family's response to an unimaginable situation will blow you away. See follow up to story here.

Doing the Best We Can :: Ann Kroeker

No-Sew Halloween Costumes :: Parenting

My Marriage Is a Teenager :: Lifenut

5 Grammar Mistakes That Make You Sound Like a Chimp :: Copy Blogger
via Worthington Wire

Packing Flowers :: HELLO My Name Is Heather


Friendship Bracelets ::
Oooo, remember these?

No Glib Utterances :: Andree Seu, World Magazine
Can I just mention, once again, how much I love Andree Seu, even if my text editor won't let me put the pretty little accent over the first "e" in her name?

How Cost-Effective Is It To Make Homemade Pantry Staples?  :: Slate

400+ Creative Business Card Designs :: Logo Designer Blog
Pretty, pretty.

Comedian Brian Regan Keeps It Clean :: CNN
This guy is one of our family favorites.

Star Cupcakes :: Inchmark


Morning Window and My Morning Voice :: The Run-A-Muck

Fast Food Fun :: Bakerella

Why God Doesn't Fully Explain Pain :: Desiring God (John Piper)
"Trust does not demand more than God has told us…"

Free Paper Dolls :: Patty Reed Designs

On Writing :: Boundless
by Andree Seu, writer of my most favorite podcast in the whole wide iTunes

Why My Cat Could Inspire the Republican Party :: This Ain't New York

Judging Pop Culture As If We're Immune To Its Woes :: Stuff Christians Like

(Rather than posting links every Saturday, as I used to do, I'll instead gather them up and post them when there are enough to post.  Instead of "Saturday Linkage", I'll call it "Good Linkage", which is considerably less clunky than the alternative of "Whenever-I-Feel-Like-It Linkage.")  Enjoy!


Proof of Love :: Lifenut

"Slumdog" Child Star's Home Torn Down :: Yahoo! News

Death is Not Dying :: Rachel Barkey

How To Save Money On Food :: Get Rich Slowly

Simple Bandana Dress Tutorial :: Joy's Hope

Toddler Buys Earth Mover In Online Auction :: Yahoo! News