Works For Me: Easy Growth Chart

I’m hosting WMFW once more while Kristen is in Kenya. (I hope you’re following her amazing posts. You absolutely MUST read this one–be sure to watch the video at the end.)

I’m actually dusting off a very old WFMW of my own to share this week, because it’s especially relevant in my house even as we speak. At this very moment, my oldest son (almost 13) is officially as tall as I am. I have absolutely no idea how it happened; hence, this tip...

* * * * * * * *

When I was a girl, my parents regularly charted my growth by marking
my height on my closet door facing.  It’s a lovely idea, of course,
with one big hitch–when my parents moved out of my childhood home a
few years ago, my mom was devastated to leave those measurements
behind.  That prompted me to come up with a more permanent solution for
our family.

bought a long piece of lightweight lumber at Home Depot (about 2 inches
wide, and six feet tall–it looks and feels like a very tall
yardstick), and divided it into three long columns on the front, using
a Sharpie marker.  Each boy has his own column, and we mark his height
that way.  When Corrie entered the picture, we began marking her height
on the back (you could easily mark up to six or eight kids on one stick
this way).  It’s portable, stored away in a closet and pulled out every
few months.  Best of all, I will be able to keep it always, mounting it
to the wall in my nursing home someday, when I am old and gray and need
to be reminded of the fast-growing little monkeys that lived in my
house all these years.

Here’s a full-length shot of our growth chart (the mystery stains on
the carpet are included simply for your viewing pleasure).  You can see
where the boys’ names are written at the bottom of each column:


This has been such a fun thing to have–very cheap, and a real treasure.

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Works For Me: Medicine Spoons

The regular hostess of WFMW, Kristen from We Are THAT Family, is (as we speak!) en route to Kenya with Compassion International. Don’t miss her trip updates at her blog–I know she’s about to experience some powerful things.

This week and next, I’ll be temporarily hosting Works-For-Me Wednesday–let’s see if I remember how to drive this bus!

My tip is a quick one. Not too long ago, I was scrounging around for a measuring spoon. In this house, the measuring spoons all mysteriously migrate to the bathtub or the sandbox, so I couldn’t find one. Instead, I grabbed one of these dealies out of the drawer:

Thanks to the revolving door of ear infections in this family, we have just a few (dozen) of these spoons. You know what? It turns out they measure spices/oil/etc much better than traditional measuring spoons, because the overflow doesn’t come spilling over the sides, as in a spoon.

(In fact, the last time my mother-in-law was in town, she saw me doing this in my kitchen and said, “You should post that on the Wednesday thing on your blog.” So hi, Gego–this one’s for you!)

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Works For Me: Strawberry Pie

WfmwbannerKRISTEN Kristen is hosting a themed edition of Works-For-Me Wednesday today, and she's asking if we'd like to share a summer recipe.  Mine is for strawberry pie, and I will happily share the recipe, but I WILL NOT SHARE THE PIE.  If you don't believe me, ask the eight-year-old boy I tackled this afternoon when he approached my fridge.

I made this for a church picnic over the weekend; it makes two, which means I could take one to share and I could keep one at home for my family me.

So here it is, the pie which all other pies want to be when they grow up:


2 containers fresh strawberries, sliced and washed
2 pie shells (homemade, if you're fancy, store-bought if you're me)
17 oz Sprite or 7-Up
1 pkg strawberry Jell-o
1 1/2 cup sugar
5 tbsp cornstarch

Bake pie crust, set aside to cool.

In a sauce pan, bring Sprite, sugar and cornstarch to a bowl.  Cook over low heat until it thickens (5-10 minutes).

Remove pan from heat.  Stir in Jell-o until dissolved.  Mix in sliced strawberries.  Chill mixture in fridge for 20 minutes.

Remove from fridge and pour into two pie shells.  Cover with saran wrap and chill for at least three hours before serving.

For more great summer recipes, visit Kristen at We Are THAT Family!

Works For Me: Mom, I’m Bored!

Today We Are THAT Family is hosting the “Mom, I’m Bored” edition of WFMW, which came not a moment too soon.  We are on our third day of summer break, and I’ve already heard the word “bored” once.  (At which point I ever-so-graciously offered the “bored” child a scrub brush and some shower spray and told him of an upstairs shower in need of a 30-minute scrubbing.  It’s amazing how quickly he became unbored.)

My best boredom-buster is popsicles.  You know, the long, skinny ones in the clear plastic wrappers?  The ones that are so outrageously cheap that a part of your brain wonders what’s in those things, but the rest of your brain says, “Shhh, it keeps them out of the house”?

I supply the popsicle habit for my own kids and half the neighborhood.  Command Central is the deep freezer in my garage.  Because I would prefer not to have scads of children tracking in and out of my house all day, I’ve set up a quick way for them to open and dispose of the popsicles outside.  I keep an empty grocery sack duct-taped to the front of the freezer, along with a pair of kids’ scissors attached with a piece of string.

(I’ve found that whenever one can inject a little duct tape into one’s home-management practices, one ushers in an entirely new level of finery).

The kids are able to get their popsicle, snip off the end, and throw away the plastic (DID YOU HEAR THAT KIDS? I SAID THROW AWAY THE PLASTIC!) all in one place, without tracking the popsicle/sandbox slush into my kitchen.  And they’re happy.  Or, if not happy, they’re sugared up, which is pretty much the same thing.

Have a WFMW tip you’d like to share?  Visit We Are That Family for more great links.

Works For Me: Backwards Edition

It’s Backwards Day over at Works-For-Me Wednesday, in which bloggers pose a question and invite readers to respond.  It’s perfect timing, because I have a quandary.  A laundry quandary.


You know sometimes you’ll see advertisements for laundry detergent, and they’ll boast that they’re “free of heavy perfumes”?

I would like to know, when did heavy perfumes become a bad thing?  I know, some people are allergic, but a lot of us aren’t.  Furthermore, a lot of us have pre-adolescent sons, which means there is no amount of “heavy perfume” that could be too much, if you know what I’m sayin’.

I love for my laundry to have a strong, clean smell.  I love for it to be so strong that you smell it when you walk in the laundry room.   I love for people to walk past my kids and take a big whiff and say, “Ooo, what’s that smell?” and have them not mean it in a bad way.

I have experimented with nearly every product out there, and I can’t quite find the solution that works best.  Best I can tell, it’s not so much the detergent that leaves the nice scent, it’s the fabric softener, and for best results, it’s a good idea to use liquid softener and dryer sheets.  Has that been your experience?  And if so, what brand?  So far, I’ve found Snuggle to have the strongest scent, but it’s not my favorite scent.  What do you think?  Basically, do you have any tips on how I can get my laundry to smell so obnoxiously clean that you can smell it from across the street?

Thank you.

For more good tips, check out Works-For-Me Wednesday over at We Are THAT Family.

This Works For Me Quite Nicely

**UPDATED: Links at end of post!**

You know what works for me?

(And I know, this is Tuesday, not Wednesday, but bear with me and let’s just live on the edge.)

What works for me, it turns out, is a measley 146 things.  That is (to the best of my estimation powers, which are questionable, and if you don’t believe me ask our tax guy) the more-or-less number of editions of Work-For-Me Wednesday posts I’ve written since I started the whole deal in April of 2006.  I started it on a complete whim, never imagining it would last three weeks–certainly not three years.

But so many of you showed up and played along, and you turned it into something clever and wonderful.  You–certainly not me–are the reason it has been so successful, and I’m just tickled I got to be a part of it.  Thank you for that.

As much as I have enjoyed WFMW, I’ve also reached a point where I’m needing a rest from it.  You might be surprised how much work it generates behind the scenes–and every bit of it has been happily worth the effort.  But lots of swirly little things are bumping around in my heart and my head these days, some important realizations and convictions about rest and balance.  (I’m thinking I’ll probably have a thing or two to write on the subject, in the coming weeks, unless I just get so flat-out full of balance I can’t pull my horizontal self off the couch.  A girl can dream, right?)  I’ve been thinking and praying and looking for some ways to simplify and trim back on some things that are very good but not, in fact, urgent.

I went to BlissDom a couple of weeks ago with the vague intention of shutting down WFMW altogther.  I thought, perhaps, it had run its course.  But, to my great delight, I met so many women at the conference who told me how much they had gained from WFMW–how many good ideas they’d learned and (my favorite part) how many new friends they’d made.  I realized I’d be a real heel to shut down something that might still be of benefit, somewhere.

So I decided to hand it off to someone else.  It would keep the community still going, and it would be a fun opportunity for another blogger.  I thought through the options without telling a soul.  I wanted to pick someone who would, I knew, handle it graciously and well.  I wanted someone, of course, who had been a faithful participant in WFMW in the past.  And it would’ve been icing on the cake if I could’ve met her in real life.

One name just kept floating to the top of my mind.  She seemed like such an obvious choice.  And when I got to spend some time with her at BlissDom, I knew we had our girl.  So, my friends, please meet your new WFMW hostess, beginning next week:  Kristen from We Are THAT Family.  She has graciously agreed to take this on, and I encourage you to participate there just as faithfully as you have here.  I’ve told Kristen to run with this and do it her way, and I expect she’ll make plenty of clever changes.  She has my full blessing.

And I’m not dropping off the WFMW train altogether.  I’ll still be around, helping Kristen if she needs it, maybe posting my own WFMW here and joining her Mr. Linky (Wouldn’t that be fun?  What do you bet I mess up and don’t use the permalink?).  And Kristen and I haven’t ruled out the possiblity of working together in the future for even bigger things for WFMW…say, Works-For-Me Wednesday: THE MOVIE! Starring Reese Witherspoon, who cleans her shower with vinegar and sprays her hairbrushes with Static Guard, all while controlling paper clutter by using envelopes!

I’m just sure it would be a hit.

Kristen will be a hit, too–you’re going to love her, if you haven’t already met her.  Bear with us over the next couple of weeks as we get everything transferred and she gets up to speed.  In the meantime, tonight at 8 pm CST, I’ll host a Mr Linky here (I didn’t want to leave you high and dry if you had a post already written!)  So check back later tonight to leave your link.  Starting next week, you’ll leave your links at Kristen’s blog.

And if I may say it one more time…Thank you for making this little carnival something special.  I have enjoyed it so much.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

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Works For Me: Canker Remedy

Wfmwbanner Two weeks ago I developed a canker sore.  Those are always painful, but this one earned a spot in the Canker Hall of Fame.  It was excruciating, made worse by its location just under my bottom lower lip.  Plus, it was a huge one.  ("No it wasn't," says Hubs.  "Yes, it was," says I.  "No, it wasn't," he says again.  He's just fussy because for seven days, anytime he even walked in my general direction I held up my hands and shouted "DON'T KISS ME!  DON'T KISS ME!") 

Cankers are, according to Dr. Google, only supposed to last a few days.  When mine kept going for a full week, I started to get desperate.  I talked to friends, both the real-life and the Twitter variety.  I browsed the pharmacy.  I tried all the faithful stand-by remedies, including all the over-the-counter options I could find.  Hubs, who, it turns out, seems to have a background in medieval torture, insisted I should just cover my finger with salt and pinch the fire out of the sore.  My middle son offered his best advice:  "Mom, you just have to be tough.  Don't think about it. Play with pain."  (Really?  Interesting advice from someone for whom I endured childbirth, but I digress.)

Just before having my lower lip removed altogether, I stumbled on a remedy.  Well, two remedies, actually–I started them on the same day, so I can't be positive which one worked.  One friend recommend L-lysine tablets, a supplement said to promote both skin and immune-system health.  Within only a few hours of my first dose I noticed a difference.  Additionally, I swished my mouth several times a day with liquid Maalox.  It tasted horrible, but it immediately offered some relief from that intense, burning pain that comes with cankers.  Finally, after two full weeks, Friday morning (mercy!), just in time for my BlissDom panel, it went away.  (And hey, my BlissDom friends, if I smelled like chalky mint, now you know why.)

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